Why Do We Always Experience the Same Things?

Do you think you are constantly going through the same events and constantly attracting the same type of people?

Since you have decided to click on this page and read this article, you have established the following rebellion sentence at least once in your past;

“Why all this always finds me?”

Finding the same style partners all the time, the same things happening all the time, may mean something deeper for an adult.

We may go through the same cycles over and over again with our traumas and feelings that make us feel negative that we have not been able to deal with, and perhaps not even noticed yet. Everything in the past manifests into the future.

What we have to look at here is the common sense of these events that are repetitive in our day and the counterpart of this feeling in our past.

To explain with an example, the fact that we have a partner that makes us feel worthless and even that all our partners have given us this feeling from the past to the present may be due to the fact that we mostly felt the feeling of worthlessness in our childhood and then in our other ages, but because we could not handle it, we were choosing new people to handle it.

Sometimes people are so used to the opposite of their negative situation (for example, feel valuable or whatever feeling you call it) that they are not used to feeling positive emotions and events. Often, so are the cycles in their own families. It can be safe to stay in the negative emotion they know, as what they don’t know will create fear and uncertainty in them. In short, the hell we know is better than the heaven we do not know.


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Another reason could be collective consciousness. People in your next generation may not be able to handle the events you have experienced, and may have conveyed the emotion of these events to you. Most people prefer to relax by burdening their negative emotions and memories on someone else rather than working and handling them.

It is necessary to find repetitive emotions and find out where we first met these emotions, what is the source of them. Your emotion may be represented by an event, a person, or a place in your past. Here, it is necessary to get support from a therapist and to investigate in more detail.

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