What Is Anxiety and What Is Not?

Anxiety; It is an emotion that is disturbed by many people and is trying to be saved. For this, people try all kinds of methods, but in fact, anxiety is a very important feeling that needs to be understood, not to be saved, that human beings have and that we owe our civilization.

Before starting the article, let’s define the emotions such as anxiety, fear and worry that are frequently used interchangeably in order to end the confusion of concepts.

Fear is a disturbing negative feeling triggered by the perception of threat in the face of uncertainty. It is a vital mechanism that occurs as a stimulating response as a result of an event perceived as a specific pain or threat. It is a universal feeling, seen in all living things. It is a response to a concrete danger.

Anxiety is a mental and physical reaction of a person to a fearful or threatening situation. Every person experiences this situation from time to time. Like when taking a test, speaking in front of a public. It is a response to an uncertain and potential danger. (What if, what if, etc.)

Worry can be defined as the sensation about future events whose outcome is unknown but believed to result in negative consequences.

For example, you cross the street and a car comes to you at the right speed, in this case, the emotion that makes you realize that you are in danger and react is fear. As you can see, it is a feeling that saves you. In such a situation you wouldn’t want to be afraid, because of this feeling you were able to react in danger. Anxiety is the emotion when you start thinking that there are no cars and maybe you are not even on the road, or if a car comes and hits me. It is an emotion belonging to living beings that can think because it contains thinking processes. Thanks to this feeling, human beings were able to calculate dangers in advance and take measures. It has built warehouses without famine and has been able to build dams without drought. Anxiety is that you are on the road, a car is coming, it is not fast, it is not close or it is not clear that it is coming to your side, that is the feeling when you say that this car may come and hit me.

As you can see, these emotions are actually very useful emotions that alert us to serious dangers and keep us awake. Well then if you ask what is the problem; the problem is that too much of anything is uncomfortable. The reason it is too much is both not understanding the emotion and being uncomfortable with the emotions. If we understand what our emotion is telling us at that moment and we can take the right measures, we can actually take a good course. If we say what is disturbed by emotion; To be afraid because we misinterpret fear is to worry about worrying and to try to get rid of it. We will not try to get rid of them, we will understand them.

First, we can compare these feelings to an alarm, and we increase the sensitivity of the alarms in places we value. Are you also worried about your health, are you having panic attacks, it means you care about your health. Are you worried that something will happen to your children? You value your children too much. Do you have religious concerns? You are trying to be a religious person. Do you worry about being disgraced, it means you care about being liked. You will take the exam, you have worries, you want to be successful. You will first understand what your emotion means to you.


The next stage is hidden in the word sensitivity. Sensitivity means sensitivity. The person looks at the details in the areas they show sensitivity. If we look at the details, of course, we will find problems. Because nothing is 100%, although it cannot last 100%. For example, if you have a sensitivity to cleaning, you notice the dirt around. Do you have health sensitivity? You notice physical aches and pains. We cannot clean a place 100%, even if we do, we cannot protect it. We cannot be 100% healthy either, there are aches and pains in one part of our body, and our organs work differently from time to time. In other words, we tend to see normal situations as problems in the areas we care about.

At the present stage, our tolerance to the problems we are in sensitive areas decreases and our disasters begin. In fact, everything we find is real, but in fact, it is unimportant, unimportant, insignificant details that are found in every person everywhere. Dirt on floors is actually normal, harmless, bodily changes are normal, harmless, but with catastrophizing we see them as terrible things. In other words, small dust particles on the floor and feces look the same, minor pains and cancer etc. situations look the same. These are perfectly normal things, they exist everywhere and in every person, you see them as catastrophic, they are not terrible, they are completely natural. No matter how hard you deal with them, they will not disappear, even if you can, they will come again. Actually, all of these are things that are normal and we need to accept them as normal.

In the final phase, we will focus on the methods we used to manage our anxiety.

You are cleaning when you feel dirty, but can you feel clean against cleaning that much?

You go to the doctor because you feel sick. Can you feel healthy?

Is the answer no? Well then, could it be the methods you use to solve your problems that make you so troubled? It’s okay to clean when it’s dirty, but excessive cleaning makes it feel dirty. It is correct to go to the doctor when you are sick, but doing it excessively makes you feel sick. Measuring too much blood pressure causes high blood pressure. As you can see, when the truths used to solve the problem are excessive, it causes even more trouble.

So what do we do to feel good? We will first understand what our anxiety tells us. And we will define it. I care about my health, I care about cleanliness, I care to be liked, I want to be successful. Later, we will take measures as much as everyone else in these areas, and we will live as the experts recommend. We will wash our hands for the right amount of time, we will go to the doctor in cases of visible, severe or prolonged symptoms, we will worship as much as written in the books, and in any case we will do as much as normal. In other words, we will continue our lives in a way that is known, cared for and clear. We also need to reduce our excesses. We will stop doing excessive cleaning, we will not visit the doctor frequently, and we will not measure blood pressure continuously unless recommended by the doctor. So we will resist these extremes that we did wrong. We will feel uneasy while resisting, we will be more anxious, but if we are patient, everything will start to return to normal after a while.

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