This Is How How Should Nutrition Be In The Summer? In The Summer, We Explain A Healthy Diet Program. Will Look Like In 10 Years Time.

Let’s talk a little bit about how we should be fed while we are coming to the increasing summer heat.

We can start by setting up our diet, paying attention to the frequency and number of meals, which is our constant rule for four seasons. Let’s set the number of meals to be 3 main and at least 2 snacks, the type of nutrition that should be. Be careful not to store fat, bypassing meals, especially starting the day without breakfast, will slow down our metabolism. Time is as important as the frequency of meals. It is not right to leave breakfast early in the morning and eating too late in the evening will prevent fat storage during sleep.

Paying attention to water consumption is the most important favor we do to ourselves in order to avoid the negative effects of these temperatures. Because when our body is dehydrated, there are many metabolic activities. We feel weak, tired and unhealthy. We can increase our water consumption with simple reminder methods that we cannot forget to drink water in our home and workplaces. There may be small reminder notes or water alarms, for example. We can also prepare refreshing drinks by consuming herbal teas such as rosehip, linden, sage, green tea with cold and lemon.

Another important issue we should be aware of is our food choices. Of course, first of all, let’s make the right choice by removing ready-made products made from white flour, which we call simple carbohydrates, and sugar products from our lives. Instead, we can opt for more complex carbohydrates. For example, by using our preference for bulgur instead of rice, dried legumes and oatmeal instead of various corn flakes, we get more pulp and keep our blood sugar in balance.

Again, if we can include milk and dairy products from our protein sources, especially ayran and kefir, which are our savior drinks, we will turn to the right sources instead of carbonated drinks with high sugar content. Fish in this heat? If you do not say, you will choose the right meat!


If we make a large space for our vitamins and mineral storage vegetables and fruits on our table, we will accelerate our metabolism by getting plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber in addition to obtaining refreshing flavors. I would like to open a parenthesis for the amount of watermelon-melon, which I frequently encounter here. “Yes, although watermelon and melon are fruits with high water content, they also have a certain portion of food change list and this amount is limited to 3-4 slices.” So when we eat 3-4 small triangular slices of watermelon, we consume 60 kilocalories of fruit again. .

Fries, pastries made from white flour, very salty dishes, dishes made with high fat saturated fats or very fat red meat are not the right choices in hot weather, but instead, olive oil dishes, fish dishes, salads that we call Mediterranean diet should be preferred. Again, instead of plentiful, syrupy desserts, milk desserts such as ice cream will be refreshing and light desserts (by performing portion control).

In order not to be adversely affected by sudden temperature changes, it is beneficial to keep our immune system strong. The easiest way to achieve this is through regulating our diet. We can strengthen our immunity with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, especially a diet rich in micronutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, copper, selenium, and B vitamins.

Finally, let’s make physical activity programs, which are our indispensable health preconditions, a part of our lives. Let’s make our outdoor walks, which we can not do due to the cold weather in the winter period, at least half an hour a day and make another metabolism.

So what do you think?

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