Big Bitcoin Critic’s Son’s Whole Investment Is In BTC! Peter schiff

Famous gold advocate Peter Schiff has been known as a serious Bitcoin critic for a very long time. However, Schiff’s son apparently disagrees with his father. Spencer Schiff, son of Peter Schiff, stated in his statements in the past months that there is a very small amount of BTC investment. However, according to the statements made by his father, Spencer Schiff’s buatımt is now in BTC.

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Bitcoin Investment

Spencer Schiff, the son of Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and founder of SchiffGold, states in his Twitter bio that his interests are “finance, data analysis, Austrian economy and libertarianism”.

Speaking on August 27, 2020, two days after his 18th birthday, Spencer Schiff stated that there was a $ 450 BTC investment, and that Bitcoin constitutes a very small part of the investment portfolio.

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However, according to the statements made by Peter Schiff yesterday, 100 percent of his son’s investment portfolio is now in Bitcoin, and Spencer Schiff is considering HODL his BTC regardless of the Bitcoin price.

Crypto World Answers

Responses from the important names of the cryptocurrency ecosystem were not delayed to these statements by Peter Schiff. “At least one of your family will increase his fortune this year,” said Anthony Pompliano, one of the popular names in the market. He replied with his words.

Peter Schiff told a user who said his son would be richer than him, “I have to ban him from my legacy. Otherwise, my hard-earned wealth will never be in Bitcoin. ” replied with words.

In addition to all this, Schiff stated that he would not help his son in case of any loss, and stated that his son should learn from his mistakes.

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