Belly Causes And Melting Methods In Women

Many causes that accumulate in the abdominal area manifest itself in the form of belly in the woman, weight gain in the belly, swelling in the belly. These swelling complaints may be due to periodic, seasonal, hormonal and fat accumulation.

Periodic: In women with fertility, they are self-evident situations with swelling in the body with the effect of hormones such as estrogen (E1, E2), progesterone and prolactin. It can be seen in people where hormonal levels are normal (physiological), as well as for pituitary adenoma (prolactinoma, etc.) in individuals with impaired hormone activity, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Physiological conditions should be applied specifically in the treatment protocol;

  • Unsalted nutrition
  • Non-simple carbohydrates
  • Grains rich in B vitamins ( whole grains ) !.!.!
  • Fresh green leafy vegetables (parsley, dill, lettuce, etc.) !.!.!
  • Herbal teas with urinary extraction (corn tassels, cherry stem, fennel, green tea, etc.) !.!.!

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Seasonal: Winter and summer and intermediate transitions during seasonal transitions. Dietary patterns vary in terms of the variety of foods contained in the content. The unique seasonal foods of each period can trigger different reactions according to the human body. With the development of agriculture and technology, it should be taken into account that the chemical substances used in the growth of plants and the drugs used to protect plants also have different effects on the human body.

In the swelling of this type of abdomen, you can !.!.!

  • Taking care to eat the food found during the seasons, for example; watermelon-summer, orange-winter etc
  • Avoiding the use of synthetic products (organic nutrition) where production is not organic!.!.!
  • Paying attention to the forms of sugar that can trigger individual allergies in its content according to the season (lactose intolerance, sucrose )
  • Fiber nutrition for the season (winter: leuka, cabbage / summer: artichokes, sea curress, fresh beans, etc.) !.!.!

Hormonal: Adolescence, thyroid diseases, gestational periods also contain different dynamics in terms of food and nutrition patterns. Metabolic needs, metabolic rate, variety of desired foods may vary in all such conditions. All different factors such as supporting the situation and being able to shoulder the treatment of a disease, and feeding the child in the womb adequately during pregnancy should all be considered.


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  • Low-fat
  • It’s pretty poor eras !.!.!.
  • High protein diet to support growth and development
  • Meals supported by sports
  • Unrefined carbohydrate consumption to support moving life

Thyroid diseases;

  • Meat, milk, eggs with high iodine content (organic )
  • Leukais is poorer than cabbage ( due to its iodine binding effects) !.!.!
  • Gluten-free nutrition (25% remission without treatment/drug) !.!.!
  • Foods with high selenium content ( like brazilian nut) !.!.!


  • Unsalted !.!.!
  • Away from glucose syrup, fructose syrup and sweetener
  • Protein content high
  • Foods rich in vitamins and minerals
  • As far away from gas-making foods as possible (chickpeas, beans, peas ) !.!.!

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Oil accumulation: The causes of fat deposits in the belly region can be varied and it takes time to treat it. The first priority is to clarify whether lubrication in the belly area is due to any disease. It is known in medical literature that more than 30 diseases can increase weight in the abdominal region.

  • Identification of the disease
  • Regional exercise not to spend more general calories
  • Poor calorie content, rich in mass content (saturated foods: flaxseed, cucumber, oats, chia, etc.)
  • Isometric exercises
  • Potsai rich food intake ( like hot peppers ) !.!.!
  • Less often to eat
  • Sugar-free beverage and food selection

Attention to these; First of all, the cause of the swelling should be revealed, whether the cause and period depends, whether the hormones affect, whether there is a disease under it should be illuminated.

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