5 Topics How do we know if a relationship is unhealthy?

Romantic relationships often start with great excitement and passion. It continues with better feelings over time. Partners are completely oriented towards emotions and enjoy it a lot. Sometimes they experience these emotions so intensely that they can step outside of their character and act unconsciously for the next step. A relationship that started very well can become a damaging and toxic relationship over time. We call this “Unhealthy Relationship” or “Toxic Relationship”.

When does a harmful relationship occur?


  • In relationships that have been married for a very long time
  • In very new relationships that started with excitement
  • In a newly married or just flirting relationship

An unhealthy relationship can occur at any stage. But what matters is when one of the partners, perhaps the most hurt, starts to notice this.

How can we tell if the relationship is unhealthy?

1-) Initiation of Strife and Argument Under All Conditions;

Fights and arguments are inevitable in romantic relationships and this is one of the problems that can occur in any relationship. However, it should not be forgotten that quarrels and quarrels will result in a healthier relationship. In relationships that we call harmful, quarrels do not result. Discussions and quarrels always try to be dominated by one of the partners, and they behave as if there is a party trying to be right all the time. This person has little or no empathy and understanding of his partner.

2-) Being Under Emotional Pressure:

In some cases, you may be under the pressure of your partner and you may be exposed to humiliating behavior or speech from your partner in places you did not anticipate. You may start using your fears against you and you may not notice it.


It is difficult for him to feel this pressure because the emotionally pressured party has thoughts such as – we still love each other very much. This may be the reason for his unhappiness and anxiety towards life.

3-) Trust Issues and Incorrect Attachment Styles:

Your partner constantly exhibits the behavior of jealousy, and with the defense mechanism, he can constantly find reasons to justify him. Your partner constantly treats you as if you were deceiving him / her. These are considered destructive behaviors.

4-) Not Leaving a Margin of Error:

It is a fact that mistakes can provide experience many times in our lives and sometimes different opportunities. While mistakes and people are so intertwined in life, the margin of error between partners in relationships can cause bigger errors.

5-) Fatigue, Feeling Fatigue:

As a result of researches, it has been revealed that such relationships expose the body to high levels of stress and lead to exhaustion and fatigue. This is one of the ways to understand your unhealthy relationship as well. While previously instilling happiness, now it has begun to stress the body. You can recognize this by focusing on the emotions and feelings you experience while thinking about your partner.

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