Pipe Welding: Should You Receive A Diesel Welder Or Even A Gasoline Welder? (What About Propane)

Pipe Welding: Should You Receive A Diesel Welder Or Even A Gasoline Welder? (What About Propane)

If you are going pipe welding and you are going to rig up, what will be the finest? Gasoline? Diesel? Propane?


A gasoline powered welder is the best choice if dollars is your greatest consideration. A used welder (for my part will make a lot of perception if you find a garage queen. This text is not about brand names, but in my view, I’d stick with Lincoln or Miller for three causes.

Reason One particular:

American manufactured. Sure, the Chinese are beginning to make some very good things, but they aren’t there but On the subject of welders.

Cause Two:

Areas availability. Almost just about every welding shop in every city will probably have sections for what’s residing in the bed within your truck.

Cause 3:

Copper windings. Copper and aluminum are utilized for conducting and developing electrical power. Copper is outstanding. Why? I do not actually know, but I’m sure this: A 1980 Lincoln Pipeliner with copper windings will weld so clean you can Feel It is really an ice cream sundae.

Which gasoline will you end up picking?

Gasoline is almost everywhere and simple to obtain. It really is cleanse. It is not a giant deal in the event you spill a little. Even so, gasoline has an issue it is not as successful as diesel. Autos are a superb instance. A VW Beetle that has a diesel in it can get around fifty four MPG around the freeway. That same precise car or truck in gasoline will max out at about 35 MPG. THAT my Close friend can indicate lots of money if we are referring to feeding a welder that is certainly sitting in North Dakota running for twelve or even more several hours every day.

Let us do a little math.

For instance an older diesel Pipeliner makes use of a gallon an hour in typical use. At $4.00 a gallon, that’s $forty eight a day. The identical welder functioning gasoline would probably eat about 1.five gallons an hour or so under the exact conditions. 1.five X 12 eighteen gallons at say $three.seventy five $sixty seven.50. The primary difference is about $twenty a day. As an instance you happen to be working it three hundred days a yr, so 300 X $20 $six,000. AND to illustrate you are going to operate this welder 4 several years, to make sure that’s $24,000 variance.

What about propane?

Propane is fairly low priced, and where you’ll be welding, it is probably $two.00 a gallon. A gasoline engine jogging on propane will burn extra gas mainly because gasoline has a lot more BTU’s in then propane (and diesel has additional BTU’s than gasoline). As an example We will use twenty gallons of propane X $two.00 $forty a day in gas Price. Okay, which is rather less Value than diesel. Generally, a diesel welder could well be dearer than the usual gasoline welder, but by the time you can get a propane package on it, as well as a tank, you’re going to be pretty much in a attract.

Propane has A different edge it burns Tremendous thoroughly clean. You may extend your oil alterations out. All things getting equal, I however Assume I might go together with diesel. Why?

Propane can have a nasty behavior of not remaining straightforward to get whenever you need to have it. In addition, it usually implies moving the truck to a different spot to gas the welder. On the other hand, your truck will most likely be diesel, and so, one particular prevent and you can slop the truck along with the welder.


Take your time and effort if you’re going to buy a utilised welder. Learn that sweet garage queen that still has the paint on it. You’ll be happy you waited. If you are doing choose to select propane, do your best to find a welder by now setup for propane. Welders have to maneuver to a different trade for almost any amount of causes, and firms go beneath. Search for auctions and full rigs that prepared to go. Consider all your options.

You may put “All of Craigslist” into a Google lookup and you may look for all over the place (perfect for value comparisons.

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